Top Apps for Martial Arts Practitioners

These days, you can learn almost everything as long as you have a smartphone or tablet that is Internet-ready. You just go to Google, search a topic that you’re interested in and voila… you’ll get all the information you need. Everything becomes easier and simpler when you have apps that can teach you whatever you’re interested in, like martial arts.

Of course, nothing beats the old school route of hitting a gym and getting schooled by a master instructor. But having an app that can help you brush up on techniques wouldn’t hurt, right? And there’s the luxury of reviewing those techniques while you’re commuting from work to a nearby gym.

That said, here are some martial arts apps that you can install on your phone or tablet:


This is a jujitsu app that you can get both on an Android or iOS device. It has still photos that you can scan through. The lack of videos is quite a bummer, but here’s a reason why the developers made it that way—they say that it is easier to understand the techniques in photo format. There’s a descriptive text for each photo, and you can see frames from a reverse angle so you’ll better understand how the body should be positioned.

The app is very easy to navigate, as the techniques are sorted into categories like back attacking and top guard. There are 90 moves taught in this app, which is not bad considering that you’ll have to pay for it (around $4).

Learn Karate

Unlike the previous app, this one is freemium app on Android and iOS. That means you can get the basic app for free, although you’ll have to pay $5 to get access to more information.

It’s available on both iOS and Android, where it is called Karate Training.

It’s a very handy practice resource, especially for novice karate students. Aside from the lessons on karate techniques, it has tips on how to build strength and improve flexibility. There’s also a section on symbolic attack and defense postures that students should learn.

And unlike the iBJJ app, the techniques are presented in videos. There are also photos and descriptions of how to execute the techniques. Overall, it is a very good app that even expert karate practitioners would appreciate.

Taekwondo Bible

You can learn this popular martial art that has Korean origins by downloading the Taekwondo Bible app on Android. It’s free and frequently updated, which should augur well if you have a new Android device.

It has detailed instructions on how to execute the techniques, with diagrams that will teach you how to place your feet when performing the attacks. There are even explanations of the Korean names of the moves. However, you’ll only be able to learn five taekwondo patterns in the free version. If you want to access the full list, you’ll have to pay a nominal fee.

Taekwondo White Belt

This is an app that is geared towards the beginners. For one, there’s a section that is dedicated on the history and philosophy of taekwondo. There are also detailed instructions explaining basic techniques, with photos and videos and accompanying descriptive text.

The app is very easy to navigate and there are more advanced techniques that it offers to users, albeit you’ll have to pay again for the full content. The price is very affordable though ($1). The major beef you’ll have with the app is that the menus feel unresponsive.

Yang Tai Chi for Beginners

This app is available on both iOS and Android devices, and features video-based lessons that teach you thorough the movements of the martial art. The video lessons are backed up with text-based instructions as well as explanations on how to perform the correct postures. You’ll even get schooled on the movements, what they are for and what they mean.

Like the other apps in this list, the free version has limited content. You’ll have to shell out $10 to access all the videos.

My MMA Trainer

This is an app that is available on Android and a good one at that for mixed martial arts training. A very useful feature is the Workout Builder that lets you design your own workouts. You’ll also get access to videos of specially selected exercises.

Boxing Timer

Don’t get fooled by the name as the app can also be used for all sorts of workouts like Muay Thai and mixed martial arts. You’ll get to design your own workouts with this handy app which is only available on iOS.

These are just some of the great apps that you can download and install on your iPhone or Android device. So what are you waiting for? Download one and start brushing up on your knowledge of martial arts!

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