Kung Fu Is Still The Best Martial Art

It is not a surprise that kung fu is fading away today. This is because of the surfacing of many martial art disciplines that are more appealing to the younger generation. The mixed martial arts or MMA is leading the way in today’s world of combat sports. And while there is no doubt that this is more entertaining to watch, kung fu remains to be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to significance and holistic appeal. What makes kung fu still one of the best even today?

Kung Fu Produced Great Army Generals

Kung Fu is not just a martial art but a way of life and this way of life has made great leaders in China’s history especially in the military. Yuan Zhong, Chi Ji Guang, and Yuan Zhong are some of the few military greats in China that came from the school of Kung Fu. This historical truth also revealed one more important legacy of Kung Fu. It bred empire founders, leaders who are considered pioneers in the Kumintang rule and later in the establishment of the Communist government.

The ability and motivation to build great empires is rooted in the Kung Fu tradition of overthrowing oppressive governments and replacing it with a good one. Kung Fu teaches something more than fighting but also discipline that transcends into action. As history would have it, these actions gave way to great victories in battles and the establishment of China’s most important national leadership eras.

Kung Fu Has The Largest Group of Masters

Kung Fu simply had the most significant impact on Chinese culture and history as it was able to raise the most numbers of masters and trained a greater number of students in the Kung Fu discipline. This legacy is however not limited in China as many masters were able to spread Kung Fu throughout the world.

The greatest masters of Kung Fu that ever lived include Wang Tze Ping, Ku Ru Zhang, Wong Fei Hoong, and Huo Yuan Jia. These masters were all proponents of the fighting arts of Kung Fu and were able to win against foreign masters of other countries who came to China to test what Kung Fu is really made of. The foreign masters came from all over the world like Europe, Japan, and Russia. All of these masters failed to defeat the Kung Fu masters of China proving yet again the superiority of this martial art.

This exemplary record of Kung Fu paved the way for today’s respect of the same. It does not matter where a Kung Fu master is from, the truth stands that in the annals of Chinese history, Kung Fu was proven to be the best and is still the best until today because Kung Fu is yet to be defeated by other martial art disciplines.

Kung Fu Enriches The Lives of its Practitioners

All martial arts have philosophical backgrounds and this holds the key to its transformational value to the one who practices it. Kung Fu is above other martial arts when it comes to this aspect. The Kung Fu masters and their students are great fighters, but they have mastered well the need to seek out diplomacy and seeking a more peaceful course of action.

The form of many existing martial arts today like Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, wrestling, western boxing, judo and many others can also be found in Kung Fu. This underlines the fact that Kung Fu is ahead and well advanced than all the other disciplines of combat sports.

The power of Kung Fu is also quite unique and proven to be really above other martial arts. For one Kung Fu masters are quite strong and even limitless in so many ways. The power of Kung Fu is never dependent on one’s age or size but in its innate empowering elements. What is really amazing about it is that Kung Fu is not just used for hurting people but also in healing them. These dual qualities allow Kung Fu to be regarded much more in the martial arts community.

Kung Fu is not just about fighting or defense but also tending to injuries. This requires a more holistic approach, a comprehensive coverage of needed skills that address the physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual needs of Kung Fu practitioners. This makes it more enriching not just to the one who is engaged with it but also the people around who gets touched by the power of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu is Defined by the Training of its Practitioner

Kung Fu students are not just to learn fighting techniques. They are instructed with the same passion and intensity to being courteous and considerate with the others. It teaches courage and righteousness, ability to assess problems and situations with calm and clarity of thought. Students of Kung Fu are also taught to be sold out to their daily duties and responsibilities, doing it with enthusiasm at all times. Kung Fu teaches love for life thus it is well known to be a peace-seeking discipline.

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